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Affiliate Marketer Guide

The Affiliate Marketer Guide is a guide to helping webmasters create profitable websites. You will find tips on choosing the best Affiliate programs for your business, how to create the website, and ways to promote your site.

There are several business models you can choose from when you are deciding on the design of your website. These include, creating an affiliate website for a single product, creating an affiliate website to show a number of affiliate products and adding selected affiliate programs to an existing website that relates to a product. Each of these require somewhat different steps to implement, but will benefit from the same marketing techniques.

Regardless of the business model and site design you choose, promoting the site will require search engine optimization or "SEO". SEO consists of making sure that the pages of your site are all visible to the search engines and are on a topic bring the right traffic from the search engines (preferably in large quantities) and getting sufficient links pointing to your site so that the search engines view your site as an authority on the subject. While this may sound easy, likely you will spend much more time and money accomplishing this that it took to create the site. Before completing your site design you might want to go over a good SEO Checklist

Using Affiliate Programs on your existing site.

One advantage to adding Affiliate programs to an existing website is that the new program and the existing site will both benefit from the exchange of traffic. Websites need to continually grow and increase in fresh original content in order to reach their full potential in the search engine “SERPs” (Search Engine Result Pages). Adding affiliate programs to your site may be an ideal way to add this additional content, while also giving you an additional way to profit from your site.

Likewise your affiliate marketing endeavor will benefit from the age and traffic of your existing site. Newly registered domain names take time to gain trust by the search engines, and so, take time before they will rank well in the SERPs. By using an existing site you bypass this search engine restriction allowing you to start gaining traffic quickly.

Using a single product for your Affiliate Website.

Choosing to use only a single product or line of product from one affiliate program give the benefit of being able to devote more resources to one highly profitable affiliate program. For larger or more expensive products this is often the best choice. By keeping to one product you are able to concentrate the keywords, keeping your site devoted to one idea. This often produces better traffic than having multiple themes to your site.

If possible, try to buy or use an existing domain name. It may take 9 months to a year for the search engines to start to trust a new domain. Using a domain that was registered longer than that will help.

Using Multiple Affiliate Programs for your website.

When considering smaller, less expensive affiliate programs and products it is often more cost effective to have many programs on one site. The cost of the domain name, and hosting are cheap, but the cost of promoting the site, both in time and in monetary cost can be quite high. By having many products on your web site, you increase the chance of making a sale.

The downside to this type of Affiliate site is that you are likely to dilute your keywords, this can mean less traffic that what a web site with a smaller number of main keywords might produce. In this case it is often better to try to keep all of your affiliate programs related to a single subject.

The Affiliate Marketer Guide will be frequently updated with the latest trends and tips on Affiliate Marketing, as will as guides and links to the best programs, and links to other websites to help you create and promote your new affiliate web site.

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